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Dyeing factories

The monthly production capacity of dyeing factories is 1.4 mln rm of woven fabrics, 135 tons of knit fabrics, 80 tons of terry towels, 53.5 tons of yarn. The total production area is 13,000 m2.   The factories are provided with equipment from leading manufacturers: Benninger (Switzerland), Monforts (Germany), Zimmer (Austria), Salvade (Italy), Mario Crosta (Italy), Fimat (Italy), SPGPrints (Austria), Datacolor (USA), Thies (Germany), Brückner (Germany), Santex (Germany), Ferraro (Italy), Biancalani (Italy)etc.
The dyeing process at the factories is carried out in 4 ways:
  1. Reactive dyeing and printing; 
  2. Pigment printing;
  3. Disperse dyeing;
  4. Vat dyeing.
The factories have two laboratories carrying out color studies and other industrial tests.  One of the main particular qualities of the dyeing factories and the entire GILAN TEXTILE PARK is the design studio of the Company. The company's designers follow global textile trends. Sometimes they are ahead of them. This gives the Company and its customers an additional advantage.